JungleSearch FAQ

What is junglesearch.net?
In short junglesearch.net is a Advanced Amazon Search Tool junglesearch.net provides Advanced Amazon Search features which are either impossible with Amazon user interface or hidden in deep links of Amazon which are not easy to find. Currently we support only US locale of Amazon and we focused adding more features now to US locale. We will soon implement other locales in the direction of user requests. Please contact us for Amazon locale you are interested in.
How do I use this site?
Do I need to register and login to use junglesearch.net?
No you do not need to search. If you want to save your parameters you need to login.
Do you have more sort options then on Amazon.com?
Yes. Amazon do not show some sort parameters for some departments but with junglesearch.net you have this sort option and more. If you search in Amazon Video department you have only 3 options which are:
  1. Relevance
  2. Featured
  3. Newest Arrivals
In junglesearch.net you have 11 options!
  1. Relevance
  2. Featured
  3. Newest Arrivals
  4. Avg. Customer Review
  5. Most Reviews
  6. Price: Low to High
  7. Price: High to Low
  8. Prime Price: Low to High
  9. Prime Price. High to Low
  10. Alphabetical: A to Z
  11. Alphabetical: Z to A
Not all sort options are valid in each departments we carefully put only working ones. But in general you will find more sort options for each departments. For example in Electronics Department in Amazon site you can not sort by Most Reviews option but in junglesearch.net you have it! In order to use more sort options you need to first choose a department! If All Departments chosen instead of a department like Electronics you do not have advanced sort options.
How do you monetize site?
Amazon cancelled our Amazon Associates account so we do not make money from your purchase.
Can I set minimum discount amount exactly I want?
Amazon shows you discount options in buckets like 25% or more, 50% or more, %75 or more. In junglesearch.net you are not restricted by buckets. We have an easy minimum discount slider that you can choose exact minimum discount percentage as you want.
Who developed this site?
My name is Ceyhun Kazel.
Can you add this feature? Or could you fix this problem?
Sure. Contact with us.